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MALARIA? clinical problems? do you need info?

MALARIA? clinical problems? do you need info?

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Do you have a problem with malaria? are you sick? do you need information?

Dr. Paolo Meo, a specialist in tropical and infectious disease and Director of Cesmet Clinica del Viaggiatore, has acquired his experience in the diagnostics and treatment of malaria during 40 years of work, especially in African countries. He has operated in widely differing environments and has always personally performed malaria tests on his patients in various laboratories and then treated them either in hospitals or in their homes. From small villages in the bush or forest to hospitals in large African towns.

If you are traveling back from a trip to an area of the world considered to be at malaria risk and you have even some light symptoms or discomfort, you should never hesitate to consult an expert.
Dr. Paolo Meo is at your disposal for a 0nline consultation to help you understand the cause of your illness, when returning from exotic, tropical, or equatorial areas, and to find a solution. The experience of almost more than 40 years in many countries around the world, and the work done in the most diverse environment, allows the doctor to assess your health status, and the origin of your symptoms, and to deal with the problem correctly. You will be required to provide documentation and a summary report of the state of your health. In the end, if considered appropriate, you will be indicated remedies for your state of health. Remember that the ‘online visit’ is a remote consultation where there is no physical contact and no objective examination of your body. It is never to be considered a full medical examination. If necessary, you will still be invited to visit the Cesmet outpatient clinic or another facility specializing in tropical medicine for further investigations.

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